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Does a tub or shower add more value?

Enhancing home value: Tub vs. Shower

Explore how choosing between a tub and a shower can impact your home’s value and buyer appeal.

In the ever-evolving landscape of home design, one question that frequently emerges is whether a bathtub or a shower adds more value to a home. Finer Touch Cabinetry, a vanguard in home remodeling, sheds light on this debate, offering insights rooted in current trends and homeowner preferences. This comparison not only touches on aesthetics but also functionality, space utilization, and market demand. Let’s dive deeper into which option might be the best investment for your home.

The case for bathtubs

Bathtubs hold a special place in many homeowners’ hearts, often associated with luxury and relaxation. They’re particularly appealing in homes with young families or those targeting a family-oriented market. A well-designed, strategically placed tub can serve as a bathroom’s focal point, adding a touch of elegance. Moreover, in certain markets, having at least one bathtub is crucial for resale value, appealing to a broader range of buyers.

Showering in benefits

On the flip side, showers are celebrated for their efficiency and space-saving qualities. Modern walk-in showers, especially those with upscale features like rain heads or body jets, cater to the growing demand for spa-like bathroom experiences. They’re also more accessible, which can be a significant selling point for buyers with mobility issues or those planning to age in place. For smaller bathrooms, installing a shower can make the space feel larger and more open.

Market considerations

Ultimately, the choice between a tub and a shower can depend heavily on the local market and the specific needs of potential buyers. In luxury markets, for instance, having both options available—such as a separate tub and shower in the master bathroom—can significantly boost a home’s appeal and value. Conversely, in urban areas where space is at a premium, a sleek, high-end shower might be more advantageous.

  • Bathtubs appeal to families and add a luxury element.
  • Showers offer efficiency and accessibility, making them ideal for smaller spaces or aging-in-place designs.
  • The local market and buyer needs greatly influence the better investment.


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